Silver Carp Farming

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The Silver Carp fish is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish. It is a variety of Asian carp which is native to eastern Siberia and China. It is also called as Flying Carp, mainly for it’s tendency to leap from the water when startled, and it can leap up to 10 ft into the air.Today, these fish are cultivated worldwide in aquaculture, and by weight more Silver Carp are produced than any other species of

fish except the Grass Carp fish. Generally these fish are cultivated commercially in polyculture with other Asian carp fish. Sometimes they are cultivated with Catla and other fish species. Currently the Silver Carp fish is classified as near threatened in it’s native range (because it’s natural habitat and productive behavior are impacted by construction of dams, overfishing and pollution).

But it is highly available in some other countries.Average length of the Silver Carp fish is around 60-100 cm. But the large size fish can reach as much as 140 cm body length. And the large size fish can weight around 50 kg.We are raising our Silver Carp in 1 hektar pond on the open air by using the river water. Average size of our cap is 60-80 sm and 2.0-3.5 kilos.